David Trotter

founder, co-director

David Trotter is an Atlanta based photographer, graphic & web designer, grassroots organizer/activist and conscious marketing specialist, specializing in providing branding & promotion services for eco-conscious businesses & non-profit organizations. A vegan, homeschooling father of an amazing twelve-year-old son, David is the Founder and Co-Director of Compassionate Kids, Founder and Editor-in-chief of the newspaper The Pine Lake Voice, Founder of Veggie Kids International, Director of Marketing for Pine Lake Eco Arts Camp & Vegan Expressions & past chairman of the Arcado Environmental Committee.

Zoe Haugo


Zoe Haugo is a freelance writer, videographer, events coordinator, performer, and Certified Laughter Leader. Zoe studied English, film, theater, and foreign languages at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Humanistic Studies. She studied creative writing and dance at Concordia University, also in Montreal. She has traveled in Europe, Australia, and Mexico, and is passionate about inspiring peace and healing in the world, and about seeking and synthesizing the collective wisdom of different cultures.

Zoe has led therapeutic laughter workshops and demonstrations in venues around the U.S. She has worked with venues such as the Atlanta Unity Clown Ministry, the Woodstock Deaf Ministry, What’s in a Doctor’s Bag? live kid’s show (in elementary schools across the United States), and Patch Adams’ Gesundheit! Institute in West Virginia. She has researched and authored articles on the positive role of laughter in health and medicine for publications such as the Primary Care Report, CDC’s Emerging Infectious Diseases magazine, and Complete Health magazine.

Zoe is also very passionate about the empowerment of women and children. She helped with the Atlanta organizing team in planning for the inaugural year of One Billion Rising – an annual event with flash mobs in every country around the world to demand an end to violence against women. She also organized a series of demonstrations in Atlanta to help raise public awareness about the widespread rape of women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Events Zoe has helped organize at Emory University include a “Festival of Faiths” to encourage religions to learn from and share with each other, a “Soccer for Peace” fundraising event to send soccer supplies and encourage peaceful relations between UN peacekeepers and refugees in southern Sudan, and a Global Health & Humanitarian Summit which ran for several years and served to inspire and connect people doing and wanting to get involved in doing humanitarian work.

Zoe produced humorous educational PSAs on health and medicine for Georgia Public Broadcasting’s daytime children’s programming for several years. She has also produced documentaries for a number of Atlanta-area non-profits. During the past decade and a half in Atlanta, she has held the position of chief editor and administrator for Rx Humor and for Neil Shulman & Associates.

In recent years, Zoe has collaborated with her son Myles (now 10) in Rx Humor book production. “Make the World Happy” is a poster book helping children (and possibly adults, too!) to overcome their anger. “Humans and Animals: Humanitarian Lessons From Animals” is a coloring book in which Myles and his 92-year-old best friend Charlene become superheroes on a mission to turn humans into humanitarians. – MORE

Debbie Ellison

Director of Events

Debbie had a longing and a calling even in childhood to make a difference in the world. She is a freelance writer and editor; Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher; Director of Laughter For Wellness, and leads laughter sessions and leader training all over the United States. Debbie is passionate about doing good in the world and inspiring others, especially youth, to be humanitarians. She was the Chair of the 2016 Global Humanitarian Summit and Youth Summit, a gathering of humanitarians from all over the world. She is also the Creator and Co-Facilitator of the annual Southern Fried Laughter Conference, which spreads laughter and joy in the world. Because she knows our youth are the future world leaders and changers, she is committed to helping them thrive, live their dreams, and reach their potentials.

Rachel Brija

event organizer

Rachel demonstrates her passion for changing lives by assisting others with their physical lifestyle as a Fitness/Nutritional Coach. Compassionate Kids feeds her need to nurture the hearts, minds, and souls of her fellow humans. She is a Vegan, Unschooling mother of an exuberant two year old. As a parent Rachel is aware that modeling empathy and compassion is necessary to spreading love into the future through our children.

Samantha Sofge Glenn

event organizer

I am the mother of four amazing children. As an Ava Anderson non-toxic consultant I am especially passionate about environmental concerns, and creating a safe toxic-free planet for our children. I love the challenge of homeschooling my kids and am so excited to be a part of this wonderful group by organizing projects and events that teach compassion, empathy, kindness and tolerance.